Energy, Art
and Life
By Nic Mepham
Shape shifting. Like life. These are the products of one artists life-long passion for creative expression. An expedition into a very mythic middle-ground via the visual arts.

Thomas generates pictures. Lots of pictures. Potentially Explosive, Pretty, Powerful, Pictures.
A riot of wonder and raw awe.
Their purpose transforms while they undergo their birth, undergo growing pains and generally experience the life-of-a-creation. Really. The process is very, very much a big part of each picture or piece. Whether it takes a minute or a life-time Thomas is an especially tenacious taskmaster. It's his vocation. Being an artist.

Once released these pieces are capable of inspiring a changing imaginative encounter with whomever they meet. His paintings and ceramics are as colour full as the real world. Beautiful, occasionally overwhelming so, inspirational interfaces. Daring dialogues. Big hearted.

Whether you meet one, or many (as his artwork tends to cross planes, involve many pieces and appear in quite different places), his work simply loves to explore scale, colour and narrative. Each appears designed to awaken the senses. Be challenging. To boldly go…
One piece may well scream meaning (not everything in life is pretty) at you while others will share calmer messages or mix more subtle subtexts. Thomas is a sensitive storyteller. Soulful.
Always some sense of (intense) mystery.
We see contrasts, contradictions and complications. The colours are made to communicate. Create connection. Each work-of-art is searching (somehow) for something. Sometimes it is found. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it will start all-over-again. Something may be explainable. Some thing else may not be. One thing suggests the next thing; and so on.

Conceptually each work is intended to be a journey. A work-in-progress made both from within and without. An energetic exchange. What the artist saw and what an audience may see are going to be quite different things. Perception will be changed. Perspective too. We are invited to; enjoy-the-view.
Vibrant, primitive and elemental. The viewer is likely to get caught-up in the natural flow and swirl of many familiar figures, old and new symbols and maybe be moved by magic. These are captivating riddles. Like rivers. Soul-fishing.
Watercolour . 2021